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I have a store with mostly square product images, but also quite a few tall, thin images. Shopify crops these images as you would expect (square and portrait). 'Adapt to image' not appropriate. However, with some custom CSS is it possible to tell the...
Hadn't thought about changing the template name in the code. I like it, and will give it a go! Thanks.
I have a store where we have designed a new main page as a sperate page /pages/newmain.Is there any way to make this page the Mainpage for the store?I thought about changing existing menu items to point to the new page, and even changing the header c...
The product page on the Dawn theme only has two options for the variant picker, either pills or dropdown. We need image selection. I can see that there are a lot of Apps available, but they all seem to be somewhat overkill.  We only have one product ...
I have the logo positioned middle center, with the main menu to the left. I want to position another menu to the right of the logo. Assuming I will need to drop some code into header.liquid. Any help much appreciated! 
Here you go .... <link rel="stylesheet" href="{{ 'component-list-menu.css' | asset_url }}" media="print" onload="'all'"><link rel="stylesheet" href="{{ 'component-search.css' | asset_url }}" media="print" onload="'all'"><link re...
I got another another dev to correct this solution for Dawn 10. Works great. You can see it at password "lance". The site still isn't live yet. I can post the working code here if it helps.
Resolved. The quantity input has to be part of the 'add to cart' form.
I have added a nice quantity up/down to the collection page, on each product card in the grid, but it does not post correctly the the cart with "Add to Cart". It always posts 1 unit. Using Dawn 10.0. Can someone point me in the right direction?   <di...
This solution works pretty well. However ,on my store Dawn 10.0 it knocks out the store logo on the left. I just get store name in text. In the page editor I get a few errors like; missing translation: "t:sections.header.settings.logo.label" issing t...
Hi, inserted this code into main-collection-product-grid.liquid. Looks great and allows customer to select qty, but that qty not reflected in cart when they hit "add to cart'. Product inserted, but always just qty 1. Using latest Dawn. Any ideas?
Does anyone know if it is possible to assign different product page templates for the same product, but in different markets? We want considerably different product page designs for the UK and USA. Same product / different templates.
I have a large client with a Shopify store serving multiple markets. The product price is specified in local currency correctly for each market. The client needs pre-order functionality. The problem is that I have read through all the pre-order Apps ...
I had a quick look at the Dawn theme and it is quite different. Apologies. I would test by changing img_url to image_url in my code, and just include the image assignment code rather than the clickthought and LogoWidth. Would suggest the code should ...
Hi @VictoriaD. My code from the start of header.liquid is attached. Pretty self-explanatory and works perfectly for both products and collections. Not Dawn theme, but very close. I also introduced a variable LogoWidth so I can also set the size of ea...
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