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No, it doesn't. Sorting is still unavailable to save in the Shopify Admin Panel. Only filter customization is working.
Hello @Mati7777777 Unfortunately, we have strong limitations in Shopify's default registration formProof: can avoid these restrictions only with API calls or external apps usages:Cr...
Hello @Hoobee !I will try to help you!In Shopify we have several ways to call JS depends on certain conditionsThe first way is use whole script tag by conditionFor example{% assign variable_disaplay = true %} {% if variable_disaplay != false %} <s...
You might need to double-check data into metafield.Perhaps "Bins" object is empty or this field isn't available for this product or page.I don't think that Shoipify changed smt on their side.
Hi @SKlocke !Do you have a different url variant parameter on variant change?If yes you can write js logic to show/hide this message depends on this URL parameter.For our projects, we made product objects in window (window.productConfig) with variant...
Hi @animeroom !For the metafields we can't use type reach text that we have regular Shopify admin panel settings. Metafields types doc: we can use multi_line_text_field for metafields with HTML code. Or us...
Hello @shahrukhAhmed !By default shipping rate is a value that vavilable only on the checkout pageShipping rate doc: it is possible to configure shipping val...
Let me look into your store.I think we can resolve this issue.I'll send Shopify partner access 
Hi @eadavis Yes, in general, it is possible. Could you please provide more details about your request?Screenshots and expected results will be helpful!
Hello @James_Lee6 Unfortunately, this setting only works with your product meta fields (the same type as you have in settings - a single line in your case), for title and vendor.Other product fields doest work with theme edit settings.Shopify docs: h...
Yes, the link that you are getting - is a link to your document, not an iframe.To use the page as an iframe you need to create a new page (template with the .liquid extension, not .json) and put down the code:<iframe src='{your_file_link}' frameborde...
The most simple way is to upload ad Shopify asset through Shopify admin panel.Docs:
Please check the result.
You might help customers segment functionality: using some Shopify extension (3th party app):
I'll send the request to store access from Spiralscout partner account 
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