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I try to add line-item properties to dynamic checkout button "Buy it now".  <p class="line-item-property__field"> <input type="hidden" id="element-id"> <input type="text" name="properties[Value]"> <input type="checkbox" value="value" name="propert...
@Alan I sent an email a week ago but still have not received any response with potential solution and the webhooks still do not work on any of my stores. 
I tried to add scriptTag to my NodeJS + React app and I don't know how to upload my JS file to  https://my-app/foldername/scriptTag.js . I can't find any information on shopify website and google and in YouTube videos people already have this file up...
Thank you for answer Alan. I tried with, but the orders/create webhook still doesn't work. Here is my registered webhooks. { webhooks: [ { id: 1052028076117, address: '
I have registered hook checkouts/create, but when i click on "Buy it now" or "Checkout" button it doesn't call my endpoint that i add to "address" key. Last time it worked on 24.06.2022, but from 26.06.2022 it doesn't work and i didn't change anythin...
Hello, I'm trying to register app/uninstall webhook (nodejs, NestJS framework) await Shopify.Webhooks.Registry.register({ path: `${process.env.HOST}/webhooks/`, topic: 'app/uninstalled', accessToken: accessToken, shop: shopName,});but it's giving...
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