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Thank you! I've reached out to Order Defense - appreciate your help!
Thank you for these details! For some reason, I still can't find the code you've screenshot above. I found different cart files/templates, and 2 that have "display: none", but when I've deleted them, they still didn't fix the problem. For some reason...
Awesome, thank you! Can you tell me how to get to that code + what I do once there?Truly appreciate all of your help!
Thank you! I haven't changed any code recently and am not sure how long this issue has been there. Appreciate you taking a look.https://www.mossbags.commoss-bags-by-julie-simon
I've noticed that items added to cart do not show up in the cart. Nothing appears until you click on Checkout. I'm using Dawn theme, and would appreciate any help!
Thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for!
I can only find base.css & when I add the code, the price is removed from all collections, not just the home page. I'm only wanting to remove from the home page. Any thoughts? 
I've just updated to Dawn & I'd like to remove prices on the home page featured collection, but only the home page. Is this possible?The one solution that I've found removed on all collection pages: .collection .card-information .price{ display: none...
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