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Yes, it has been turned on in the admin settings. Can you look at the backend of the store to confirm that there isn’t an issue from Shopify’s end?
None of these issues seem to relate to the post purchase page not displaying. Even if we directly return { render: true }like:  extend("Checkout::PostPurchase::ShouldRender", async ({ inputData, storage }) => { return { render: true }; }) it stil...
Every time I try to add an extension from an app (my custom extension or other 3rd party apps) I'm getting a Server error.  The only error I'm seeing in console is this: Uncaught DOMException: Failed to read the 'localStorage' property from 'Window':...
Hi, I've developed a post purchase checkout extension that makes a call to the backend of the app to determine whether or not shouldRender should render. It works fine locally but doesn't work in production.  It seems like sometimes the API endpoint ...
Is there a possibility that we could get an array of keys that have changed in the PRODUCTS_UPDATE webhook? This way, functions could be triggered when specific items are changed like: Update DB if inventory levels have changed. Currently, there's no...
When using draftOrderComplete even with the email parameter set to a dummy email and immediately archiving the order, a confirmation email is sent to the customer. Is there any way to suppress this email?
Thanks @Liam I don't see anywhere to list items in the OrderUpdate mutation in the OrderInput! It only seems to have customAttributes, email, id, localizationExtensions, metafields, note, shippingAddress and tags 
Hi, I’m using graph ql orderEditSetQuantity to set an order item quantity to 0, but it shows up in the order in the accounts page with the quantity before the quantity was set to 0 and factors it into the total cost of the order that’s displayed. Is ...
We're building a post purchase app that needs to render if the customer has previously purchased one of the items in the lineItems of the order. The problem is that when you extend Checkout::PostPurchase::ShouldRenderThe variable inputData.initialPur...
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