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you need to modify the code, according to  ThomasKn's method, this issue could be resolved, try again, maybe you need a developer if you could not understand code.
thanks for sharing this method in free, I test on my theme-studio, and it works normally, the Shopify theme support didn't resolve this issue for me
I have to say that their actions are so slow, I contacted them for 2 weeks, but no results.  I just add the code provided by ThomasKn, and it looks like working well, no errors. I'll keep testing.
Hi, How did you resolve this issue?
I use Studio theme, it still has this error, I contacted Shopify support, and they are resolving this. Have you resolved this issue?
we could communicate via skype,   it is
and I forgot to supplement the screenshot, maybe the code remind error   
Hi KetanKumar,thanks for your help, I have tried the code, but it could not work normally, at the same time,  the image appearance is magnified  
Hi KetanKumar,thanks for your answer, of course, the code is too long, so I upload it via txt file, please check it, thanks very much 
Hi everyone,thanks for your sharing in advance, I have one problem with my site, I want to add a link(herf) for my slideshow_banner instead of shop_now button, the code as follow, how I can do it, my theme is studio (online store 2.0). of course, it ...
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