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Hello,If you type translate in the search field at the top of the admin panel, you will access the settings of the application.You can manually intervene in the translated parts from the application settings.
Hello,You can adjust margin-bottom settings from the application's settings, that is, you can add bottom space.Or you can align it to the bottom left.You can configure both options from the app settings.
Hello,Would you please review the application below? This application may be useful for you. this answer was useful to you, click the "Like" button.Shopify Agency in Turkey //
Hello,I can help you if you send me the link of the store, I will write the code you need to add.
These buttons are called "dynamic payment buttons", you cannot customize them.Best // Shopiuzman
Hello,If you create a support request with Google support within the application, they will help you.Best // Shopiuzman
Hello,It may take up to 5-6 weeks for your application regarding Shopify Payments to be responded to, so I waited for a long time.Best // Shopiuzman
Hello, I'm here for you! Type me your web site address, 
Hello,Can you update the theme via the link below? regards
Hello,Add the following code to the custom css section. #Slideshow-slideshow-1 > div > div > div > div.slideshow__text-wrap.slideshow__text-wrap--desktop > div > div > div > div > a { background-color: transparent!important; border-bottom: 2...
Hello,The following plugin may help you: Best regards,
Hello,If you want to move the image on this page to the left, add the following code before the </head> code in the "Online Store > Themes > Edit Code > "theme.liquid" file.#shopify-section-template--16114218696866__main > div > div > div > p:nth-chi...
Hello,I can help if you share your website address.Love to you.
Hello, When there are no items in the cart, your cart will appear empty. Your customers need to add products to the cart.If the problem is solved, please click the "Accept as Solution" button 
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