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I have a few products that is buy 1 get 2 free when bought, I'd like to have a label like the New or Sale labels to be displayed when browsing a collection, based on a tag on the product.EG - Products tagged "B1G3" display "B1G3" label.Any suggestion...
Thank you for sharing this, however, I already did that manually. I need to automate it with code or script as it is impossible to do it manually.  
Dear All, I Need to showcase our products which are best sellers (We will decide), with the highest discount we can offer( 70% first then 60 % then 55%, and so on),  with higher quantity (Inventory wise), and all sizes available (cut size products sh...
Hello, To list your products on Google Merchants Center, you can follow these steps:Go to your Shopify admin channel -> Select "Channels' -> Add sale channels -> select "Google"Click Connect Google Merchant CenterReview and optimize your product data...
Go to product page and enable vendor option. Add your company name as a vendor. 
Hi, I want to provide discounts to my customers, let me know how can we do this. Discount is in detail Customer addtocart 5 items and at the check out page he only need to pay for 2 highest value item. let me know if it can be done.   
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