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Hello, I need some help running the Liquid Profiler for Chrome. I've installed it and I have a staff account with full access. The problem is that the Shopify tab doesn't seem to work ...
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I do have the same issue. An fix would be much appreciated.
Hello, I'm working with a subscription app, and I get a validation error saying that the phone number is invalid, but I know it's valid. I've tried with virtual, real, and fake numbers ... and they all fail.Delivery method shipping address phone is i...
I'm working on a solution that requires the creation of new transactions to orders created via POS or admin, but these are not draft orders. The financial status is pending, but since I don't have an authorization transaction, I can't capture a payme...
Hi @momoluca , it's not supported.We can't modify Checkout DOM elements using UI extensions since these are built using WebAssembly, and are self-contained.
I'm working on a store that already has a customized checkout (using the checkout.liquid available for plus stores). We want to move to checkout extensions, but I don't see how to use extensions to modify existing elements from the checkout page, lik...
I need to know the same. Could you figure this out?
Hello, I'm trying to use the section rendering API to get a section that is in the cart context, like /cart/?sections=notice  ... The result comes empty and not with the section content. I can't use the section ID because I want it to be dynamic and ...
The problem is that the checkout url is given to the customer in an email.So I want it to expire after a few minutes. I need to invalidate a checkoutafter few minutes. Maybe I could remove all line items after X minutes, butI don't think that is allo...
As far as I know, creating a checkout via Storefront does not create anorder in the admin. It does not create a draft order.Is there any other solution?----============== Andrés Smerkin Lead Developer Riess Groupsupport@riessgroup.comhttps://riessgro...
I'm creating some checkout using the Storefront API. Everything seems to work well, and I get the webUrl along with the ID. Now, I need some checkouts to expire after 5 minutes (as an example), or sometimes I need to invalidate some checkout URLs, bu...
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