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Hi Liam, I appreciate you checking on this and clarifying, thanks! - For the product team if they read this: my use case is for discount/loyalty apps - on some device sizes repeating those blocks is useful to remind customers to apply their points et...
Hello,  I'm exploring Checkout Extensions - I have a use case where we want a custom checkout extension to show on Desktop but we do not want it to show on Mobile (because it feels too crowded and distracting). Is there a way to target checkout exten...
Hi Liam thanks for the reply. I don't think I explained well, I want to filter - e.g. a metaobject called "Ice Cream Shops" has a list of ice cream stores, each store has a flavours field called "flavours" - with one or more of the following values: ...
I'm enjoying using the Metaobjects. And have successfully deployed them for some custom content across client's sites. Recently we considered using metaobjects to store our "stockist" locations - previously this used an adapted version of the blog to...
Hello, I'm trying to exclude subscription products (managed via Recharge) from a custom bundle discount, all sold via the Shopify checkout. With the current discount script added to "script" editor". The bundle discount is applied if a product is add...
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