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Hola @Celsotf, sé que llego tarde pero por si a alguien le sirve en el futuro. Nosotros en Pango Studio somos agentes digitalizadores expertos en Shopify (por supuesto somos Shopify Partners). Te dejo nuestra web:
Hello,In my app flow, we first create a Draft Order and then modify it by changing the market to the correct one.This change is a mutation with GraphQL, it is this:Query:mutation draftOrderUpdate($id: ID!, $input: DraftOrderInput!) {draftOrderUpdate(...
I know this is a very late response buy, I think you now can do it with the GraphQL API ( but I don't know yet how to do it with REST API...Does...
I'm facing the same issue.It is intermittent but for several hours it is always failing.Is there any solution?
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