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Hey guys how can i achieve this: I want to change this to a Original price with dynamic values, When i change the compare price it will just get placed after the normal price, How can i put this in with different price? - this website got it correct ...
Hey there can anyone help me with that? Im looking to change the color of this:  To this:   
Hey Leute, wir sind eine aktive Community im Discord, mit über 400 Leuten und über 80 Millionen Umsatz monatlich zusammen. Wir haben gemerkt, dass die Website: fake DMCAS an alle Stores schickt, die ein ähnliches Produkt haben. Sie senden ...
No one at the Shopify Staff can help with that? The website is called and you are supporting them with closing over 100 Stores! They use fake patents  - missing signatures and broken links in the DMCA but still you took down the Product fr...
Anyone? I searched the company that fake DMCAD us and it came out they did this to over 100 Stores to get rid of competition - How is Shopify supporting this illegal behavior? The website is called and they use fake patents and different n...
Bro no one will help you unless you do like 2 mil in sales monthly .. this is crazy the big guys can just shut us down with fake dmcas crazy stuff 
Hello just today i received a DMCA in which the subject is straight up lying about stealing texts pictures and stuff.Everything on my website is made by myself every text and picture. Shopify decided to took my Product down unil the 27. of this month...
Hey just today my product got taking down by Shopify. The DMCA is a big lie everything in it.They said we copied Text, Videos, Pictures and Symbols. Their website is in English and our is in German.We did everything on our own on our website this is ...
I got exactly the same from a website in the US today and we are in germany! My product is taking down by Shopify! crazy world! We also use everything made by our own hands . They mass DMCA everyone who is selling a simmilar product to drown down oth...
Hey guys I just started my Onlineshop on Shopify - I did some sales and wanted to scale my business. I just woke up today to see a DMCA in from a big ecommerce website (selling a similar product)  In the DMCA they are saying we used the same text whi...
Hey Leute meine Kunden werden bei der Pay Later option weitergeleitet an deren Bankkonto was dazu führt das sie einfach den checkout abbrechen - Habe es selbst probiert auf meinen Store werde ich auch weitergeleitet zur Verifikation, Auf einen andere...
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