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Hello All! I have recently created a new store ready for the Christmas period in hopes of making a couple sales as a little booster, this is my first attempt making a personal store, i...
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Hi there! I am wanting to create CUSTOM product badges, for example when setting a product to be on sale, a "Sale" badge appears on the front end on the product grid, im wanting to create custom versions of these called "Clearance" and "Price On Appl...
Hello all,  I am wanting to hide certain sections of a page on desktop but have them visible on mobile, i have figured out how to do the reverse and it works fine but will not work with being hidden on desktop and visible on mobile, if anyone can hel...
what did you make a screenshot of?
@aDrednn If you like? 
@aDrednn what does this mean ? 
Hiya @devtech311 Thank you very much for your reply, i have sent you an email   Many thanks 
Does anyone know of a equivalent of this app that just requires a one time payment instead of monthly? Thanks in advance 
Hello all! I'm sure there is a very basic solution for this but i just cannot seem to find an answer anywhere. What im looking to do is create an email that will be sent immediately upon signing up to our newsletter offering them a discount code, i c...
Hello everyone, i have been trying to move a part of my description to under my product images, i have figured out i can make something a permanent fixture but then it is sitewide, i need this to just be on certain pages. if anyone can help it would ...
i have been told it absolutely is possible by shopify themselves, but i would have to pay for a shopify developer?
@LitExtension Yes! Exactly that 
Hiya, i have not made any changes, if you look in the navigation on the shop you see it can only go 3 deep, i want to expand this to have atleast 5 deep sub categories. 
Thank you very much in advance! 
Thank you very much in advance! 
Hello everyone! looking for some pointers on where and how i can increase the maximum allowed depth of sub-menus within the theme code, i would rather not have to use a plugin for it and am comfortable doing the coding i just need a nudge in the righ...
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