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I'd suggest opening a new discussion in the Metafields and Custom Data board, with the mutation you are executing.
Are you sure you are setting the metafield on the discount you are creating? The one associated with your function id? Your metafield is null on your input json as well, so I suspect you are not properly saving the metafield on the discount. You can ...
Things to double check: The namespace and key in your extension.toml matches the namespace and key of the metafield you set on the discountThe metafield on the discount is a JSON document with a key of `tags` that contains a string array of the tagsT...
You should try the rust-analyzer VS Code plugin. You may need to configure your Function path, like here --
Hi @Prudentt -- You can find the reference for Shopify Functions query complexity calculation here:   You use of 3 metafields and `hasTags` gets you to a cost of 12 (they are all 3 each)...
Metaobjects are currently not available as input to Function APIs. We recommend using JSON metafields instead.
Hi @Itachi_Uchiha. You are correct that the API credentials from your shop won't work -- functions can only be used by access tokens from the same app that contains them. You would need to make the API request from an embedded app, such as a Remix ap...
Don't put the metafield on the product. Put it on the payment customization.
It sounds like you are setting the metafield on the wrong object. To use variables with a payment customization function, the metafield should be set on the payment customization itself. It appears you are already using that metafield for some functi...
You posted this to another thread:   Your issue is unrelated to input query variables. The metafield on the product is either null, or its value exceeds the limit of 10KB.
Can you try deleting any javy binaries in the following path, and then try again?   C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\binarycache\   If that doesn't solve, can you try running the javy binary directly from this path, after it's downloaded again?
When you say 'metafield giving null', are you getting the "Variable Definitions Are Missing" error, or is the metafield coming back null in your input query?   These are two different but related uses of metafields in Functions.
Any additional detail on the javy failure if you run the following? npm run dev -- --verbose
Thanks for posting the solution -- we indeed have a doc update in the works for this.
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