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Please refer to the shot screen with the product variant. It shows a popup when clicking an optional product. The add to cart and buy buttons are not positioned below the product title, and the button shades the detail. How can I change the position ...
all sections like the below one, only the banner image and custom liquid show as the above image. 
This changes the theme width, but no any changes on the custom liquid and banner image, it still shows full-width screen.
I mean I added the section in the default theme, but the custom liquid shows full width screen, any way I can get it back and adapt to other sections? 
Hi, I am using the dawn theme, and I added any section on the template, like the featured product, and the featured collection all work great.Only the custom liquid and the image banner show 100% width.How can I change its width adapted to other sect...
Hi Please refer to the below-shot screen.That we've activated Shopify payment and now some information is requested to verify.We send you emails that we would like to revise the information we provided 9 days before and have not gotten any response. ...
I had it done. thanks!
Thank you so much Marina. BTW, please how can I "off-road t series at one line?" thank you Marina! thanks!
Hi, I changed the code and make the announcement bar below to the header. And now when I click the header products, the drop-down box shaded by the announcement bar. Please any thing I have do to fix it? 
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