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I can only see customerId but name, email, and phone. i added read_customers to the scopes but still can not retrieve their fields
Just need to update shopify cli and its good to go
I'm having the same issue, have you found any ways to fix this?
Hi everyone! I use deep linking to open my theme customization and then locate the app block in product template automatically. But since 2 days ago, it've moved to home page. Anyone know this issue? Thank you!
Hi everyone! I’m having issues with the webhooks processI’m trying to migrate my current app template(v5) to v7. When I test, the webhooks always throws this Error (Code 400): "Failed to process webhook: Error: No body was received when processing we...
Thanks for replying Liam,I have double-checked the webhook path, they are identical, which is why I think they ran in the first place, which gave me the error. For the "express.text({ type: "*/*" })" middleware, I followed the docs here https://githu...
Hi everybody, when I tried to migrate to new Node template, the webhooks always throws this error: “Error: Could not validate request HMAC”.Does anyone know how to fix this? I tried searching on Google but nothing works. This is my code snippet:app.p...
@vaibhavrathod Have you figured out how to do Que 1? If so, how did you do it?
Hello, I'm currently researching Shopify bundles, and found out about the "Cart Transform API". However, it seems that to use the API, I need to have bundle developer preview available (as in the docs stated), which I don't. I have checked all my dev...
Since Shopify documentation never fully explains anything and whenever I ask no one answer, I have to find solutions to every Shopify problem myself (real pain). This is no exception.To solve this, first, you deploy your app blocks and add it manuall...
Hello!I'm currently researching app blocks(Theme app extension). Is there anyway to activate an app block automatically without Theme Editor?With app embed block i can use a deep link but the docs (
Can confirm, it works (
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