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Bio: E-Commerce Ambassador and Front-end Developer @ Oneupweb, a full-service digital marketing agency in Traverse City, MI. SEO, paid media, design, wri...

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@Shopifythe migration docs are very incomplete (please add something about tracking - right now, it is misleading and makes us think we can't use the tracking endpoints - particularly when paired with the deprecation message in the fulfillment api re...
Mads, We're rounding up all of the discussion on this issue in the Dev discord. If you're able, would you mind checking out the thread? Your input could be quite useful there. Look for the discord thread "2022-07 API - Fulfillment Deprecations - Docu...
We are discussing this in the Shopify Dev discord. Feel free to join in under the thread "2022-07 API - Fulfillment Deprecations - Documentation issues w Shipping Tracking" Hope we can get some clarity on this ASAP
Bump! We're discussing this on the Discord as well. Feel free to join the thread https://discord.com/channels/842813079926603828/994369878330966067
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