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Hello,I'm wondering if there is this free app too.Thanks for help!
Hello @timkuts  It's possible to add share buttons too on my product page?I use Dawn v11.Thanks!
Hi,Thanks for your work The problem of out of stock is fix now!! But it's possible to have the description at bottom like this: I'm not sure if the code I need to move it's this one:-------------<div class="product__description rte quick-add-hidden"...
Hello,Thanks for your code, but since i have update the Dawn theme in v.11 the code don't work now The problem is that my product are always "sold out" in the product page.If i remove your code my product come back to available stock.Do you know wha...
Great thanks to the Shopify support who help me for this problem, I put here the solution given by the Support, maybe it can help other member  Solution: https://community.shopify.com/c/shopify-design/move-product-description-under-picture-and-remov...
Hello,I'm wondering if there is a way to move the product description at the bottom page product (like screenshot).I have find the "product.json" template but I don't know what code should I use to solve this.I use the Dawn theme. Thanks for your hel...
Thanks for your message Yes i use France Shopify Payment.For the rest of my store is going well for the moment, thanks for the link i will take a look!Great days.
Hello, I would like to change the transfer frequency of my shopify balance, I found this link: https://community.shopify.com/c/payments-shipping-and/payout-schedule/td-p/371229but I can't find the same options on my shopify admin panel, maybe because...
Yes it's that Thanks a lot! 
Hello all  I have a problem with Shopify payments.On the payment page, it says that 2 transfers have been sent to my bank account but I checked and received nothing  A few days later I received an email saying that the Shopify payment account could...
Thanks so much for your help, it's work well  You're great!
Thanks a lot for your help For the carrousel it work great! For the custom email I have the same problem, i don't have the same code that in your screen, here the mine: {% if line.image %}<img src="{{ line | img_url: 'compact_cropped' }}" align="lef...
Hello  There is a solution or code to make the arrow of the carrousel more bigger please? ------------------ When I receive an email notification from an order, the product images are too small, is it possible to enlarge the image thumbnails?I have ...
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