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Thank you so much for your insights on this! I actually tested Customer Fields App with Sufio and it worked great, but we needed VAT tax validation aswel as some other features. For now I used some free apps combined together, but when the business w...
Hi guys, I was looking to find some code to create an overlay logo on my homepage banner. I found a code that partly worked, but it's not working on mobile screens + this code applied the logo over all banners. I use Dawn theme. The banner id:id="Ban...
Hello! I tried your solution and it added a field in my theme settings, but the icon doesn’t appear on my website.. can you help me? Thanks!
Thank you @Dan-From-Ryviu ! I've added this in my custom CSS which I prefer because of updating the theme regularly ;). But it works there aswel, so thank you!
Hi @Dan-From-Ryviu This is the development storePass protection = dbaThanks for looking with me 
Hi guys,Is it possible to hide only the register link on login page, but keep the 'lost password' link?I tried to use this code, but of course it hides all links:.login a { display: none; }I want to hide this, because I want to manually add custo...
Hi guys,I'm having a hard time figuring out which apps or custom code is best to accomplish what I want for my cliënt, who wants to sell B2B only without the use of Shopify Plus (too expensive). It doesn't have to be free (apps), but we do have a lim...
Hi there, I know it’s been a while ago but we have exactly the same issue from migrating grom Lightspeed. All codes are set in the field SKU in stead of EAN. How did you manage to solve this? Would be great to have your feedback  thanks!
You probably solved it already but for others this might help: besides the troubleshoot steps already mentioned.. be sure your Shopify Payments is not set as ‘testmode’. In testmode you can’t connect the wisepad and it took me hours and hours before ...
Hi there, I have made it work with a slightly different code.. not sure if you figured it out but I thought it would be helpfull for others to share. price.liquidfind: {{ 'products.product.on_sale' | t }}   replace with:  {{ compare_at_price | minus:...
Hi there, you can create a seperate template for FAQ and then hide all elements you want to remove from this page. Are you familier with the theme editor? Go to your store admin > Sale channels > Online store > Themes > Customize > go to your FAQ pag...
Hello, Can you provide your URL? Do you mean that if they choose 'add to cart' that they are being redirected to the cart page? Depedning on your theme you can usually change this setting to a popup or drawer. Go to the editor, choose theme setting a...
Hi! Normally you can easily change this in the customization builder. What theme are you using?Did you check the options of the header in the editor? When you click on the header, you see an option somewhere around the LOGO option that allows you to ...
Hello, If it's just to hide a field or notice this can be done with CSS. Can you please provide a screenshot and store URL?
Hi Guys,I was setting up Google in my clients Shopify store, since I saw this new feature connecting to Merchant Center. This is all very new to me and however the setup went easy, I now have all these publication issues that sound like Greek to me. ...
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