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@LuffyOnePiece Thank you 
@LuffyOnePiece I have implemented the coding but the top navigation doesn't work on the mobile site nor does it fully function on the desktop version.  Any reason why this would be?
Hello, our main menu doesn't work as a result, I can click down but none of the links you can click....
Hello, I have provided the weblink, if you require backend access you will need to request this..... Is it not possible to provide coding here for me to enter into the store myself?
Hello @LuffyOnePiece Yes, I am looking for custom coding to create text & button overlay on our hero image banner thanks,Natalie
Hello,  We have a video banner and would love to have a text & button overlay.  Does anyone have any code that may help support this? FYI - I have added the video with custom coding not using the exsisting video section in the DAWN theme.  Website" w...
Hello, I have custom coding which is for a selection of images on my home page.  I would like these to have an image slider and have them appear on one line rather than over multiple anyone know how I can do this?I have attached an image of the secti...
Sadly, this didn't work
Hello, If I wanted to implement this on my store, where should I add the above coding to?
Hello, Where would I place this?  In the announcement bar liquid.  If that's the case, it didn't work
Hi @KetanKumar Are you able to assist with the below:- There is a lot of padding at the top and bottom of the video section, how can we remove this?- We would love for the text portion to have a coloured background- How can we have the video reach th...
Hello, I have custom code that makes my announcement bar text move, is there any way to make the text fixed and not move?  I have copied the code below in the annoucement bar liquid.  I am using the DAWN THEME{%- for block in section.blocks -%}{%- ca...
It works, but from what I can see on the desktop site, it cuts their heads off, so it doesn't resize it correctly.
Hello, I am using DAWN theme and have a video on our home page, the video itself plays and is functional but it's just way too big.  I have played around with the margin, but it doesn't do what I need it to do.  Essentially I need the video to be not...

Do you know how to make the button transparent also?  I don't want all of my buttons across the site to be transparent just this one.
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