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Hi Shopify,I already commented under another person's question about this same issue but I haven't yet received a response so hopefully I can get some help here.Currently, our shop is set to collect Michigan sales tax and I also have it set to collec...
Hi Victor, we are also having this issue in our online shop. I've tried deselecting and reselecting the "Charge tax on shipping rates" box several times. We are receiving the email notifications that our settings have changed, but when we test a sale...
We're having this same issue - original post was more than 2 years ago. It has not been solved yet.
I'm running into this situation more than 2 years after the original post. I wish Shopify developers would find a solution.
Ours usually shows up a few days later, but for June 2022 we have been waiting and waiting. It's now July 11 and still no data. I'm emailing Shopify Support. Our auditors cannot wait any longer for this info.
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