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Hi Coco- Shopify seems to be shutting down complaints about this issue. My name is Lorie. You can reach me at JasperKaneDesigns.com Shopify support is also annoyed and upset. If you look around- they didn’t know it was happening, and it is still adve...
According to Shopify Help- it’s resolved. You just have drafts from now on, while they still advertise ‘save cart’ as an option (check for yourself). 
Who is instituting these changes without even informing support staff at Shopify? Programmers are programmers- not business owners on the floor with customers and staff. In my small business, I spent months setting up Shopify and training staff. I ha...
Shopify is still advertising’save cart’ as an available feature on PRO- which it obviously isn’t. 
As of right now, Shopify is still advertising save cart as an option on POS Pro. 03/18/2024 6 PM. Will we be receiving a refund for paying for this service that you don’t provide?  
Also, report every ‘bug’ directly from POS. Like how when you edit a draft order in POS, you can no longer send it to the customer. 
Wrong. We are POS Pro. I have yet to receive any real feedback from Shopify regarding this. Developers need to quit removing functions, with no option for us, your clients. It would be fairly simple to roll out new features as an option under prefere...
Does tobi@shopify.com still work to contact the CEO? 
Also, as I noted above, ‘send cart’ creates a draft order. The change was unnecessary and destructive to POS systems. 
To add to your complaint- you can just ‘send cart’ to create a draft order. There was absolutely no reason for this change, and it is a huge issue for POS. 
I think they are having serious issues in their processing. I had clients who paid, card was charged multiple times, and no order was generated. Luckily, I know most my clients so they sent me screen shots and have been refunded on their cards. I the...
No, and I am having repeated problems with Shopify changing defaults with no warning or option. Most recently, they eliminated ‘price override’ on POS. I am sure some stores didn’t like it- so make it an option that can be turned on or off. I don’t g...
My solution is to edit the order, remove and restock each item, and then add them back in to the order with the client marked as "tax exempt". It is a pain, but it works. At the end, the refund amount should be equal to the tax charged. 
Still no solution or option to change default to draft...
What about the default changing on products from draft to active? We have individual/ one of a kind items. We will often do pictures , etc, but are waiting on the item to be in store. Then we create barcodes, print them, and make the product ‘active’...
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