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I liked this idea because it would help with other things we were doing. But when I went to flow I could not see the field "Company". Are you sure it exists?
{ "order": { "id": 5626252099639, .... "company": { "id": 84410423, "location_id": 85491767 } .... }If the "company" field has and "id" and "location_id" then it is a B2B order. Otherwise, it is retail, and "company"...
We are currently building a headless store. We currently run a B2C business, and use shopify+ for a wholesale (B2B) component. We wish to move to the blended B2B feature, having both wholesale and retail in the one store. We can do this with our curr...
We already have quite a few custom apps. What I am wondering is how we incorporate things like Checkout Extensions and Functions into them.
We run a Shopify+ website, where we sell product. We wish to distribute in such a way that we can test on one of our noncritical sites first, then move to our main store.  So it is an internal app, we don't need to distribute to other stores (other t...
I have read the deployment docs, but can not get an understanding of how to deploy an app to a basic server. We are a small team, and wish to host manually on our server, we don't want to use Docker or any of those automated tools.  I am not sure wha...
I have had a look at your site and I don't know enough about the style of the theme to offer any quick assistance. Although it looks like the Dawn theme. The following refers to that theme. To try to point you in the right direction, the elements on ...
Your store is password-protected. No way to view it. Do you know how to use developer tools to check the CSS? Chrome, and most other browsers, have developer tools, that let you know what CSS has priority, and what it is overriding. I think you press...
I have put our testing code here so you can see what we are attempting to do. I know we really should be using product metadata in this use case rather than product attributes, but for now, ignore that as it has no effect on the functionality. query ...
I would recommend downloading your theme to a local computer and then using a text editor to do a text search for the script.  See https://shopify.dev/docs/themes/tools/cli for tools that can do this. If it is not in your theme it may be being inject...
We are a Shopify Plus merchant. We have a use case that is critical to our success in using Shopify. We have always used scripts to satisfy our requirements, but now with scripts being deprecated and replaced with functions we are finding we can not ...
I can see two problems with deleting items. The first is the cart transform when running the delete step, would release the items back as individual lines, but they would not be remerged unless a cart operation takes place. This may not happen. Secon...
It would work, I am just not sure how I would know which item was the bundle so it could be deleted. How could I tell which item in the cart is a bundle?
The following example would never be used in production, but I have created it to show a point.// @TS-check /** * @typedef {import("../generated/api").RunInput} RunInput * @typedef {import("../generated/api").FunctionRunResult} FunctionRunResult ...
I was just looking through the documentation and there appears to be a way to do this see https://shopify.dev/docs/api/checkout-ui-extensions/2023-10/apis/storefront-api import {useEffect, useState} from 'react'; import { useApi, reactExtension, ...
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