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I am having the same issues with TikTok customer service.  I am showing orders in Shopify but they are not showing in TikTok.  I'm fairly certain it is because my TikTok account requires more information.  Why would TikTok make my account live before...
Unfortunately, I've not been able to receive notifications of online sales only.  We check them every morning. 
Tax codes - Did you set up collections for each different tax code?  Did you go into Shopify Admin to settings to set the correct tax amount? Barcodes - You must have 6 digits on barcodes.  We had to add zeroes in front of most of our barcodes.  No p...
I was able to turn off notifications in the notifications settings located in general settings/apps on my tablet. 
It doesn’t overwrite what’s in your online store.  So, you have to go in to manually adjust your inventory count  and merge POS duplicates with your online inventory. 
Going live went great.  Only issue, there was a hiccup with one of 6 cc readers that would not charge.  Other than that, the fact there is not a good training video nor training mode for employees to practice ringing up sales caused a few employees t...
Things I wish I had known when I was doing the switch from QB POS to Shopify POS. I am coming at this from a standpoint of wasted time.  It is not that I regret the switch.  1. There is conflicting information on how to handle issues when searching S...
For QB to Shopify migration 833-476-1302
I would call support while mapping locations.   Quantity 1 is the same as the first store ( not headquarters), etc.  The video steps were as clear as mud to me. If I had it to do over, I wouldn’t set up locations before  importing 
Check your QB POS update to install the patch for cc processing.  It took care of our problem
No success.  Same results.  Did you call 833-476-1302?  For what it's worth, I'm convinced there are flaws in the QB Data Migration program.    
In the event I am not the only person who ended up with 800 duplicate barcodes, I want to save hours of your time. Download the Duplicate Finder app.  Shopify Chat support will state the only solution is manually deleting each duplicate. I accepted t...
Great ideas. Will do
The socket barcode scanner is not consistently scanning barcodes.  What's the trick?
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