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Can you give me a sample custom code?
url is metalgardenscreen.com I want it to be minimum purchase 200 and if the customer tries to checkout below the min amount, there will appear a note that the customer needs to purchase at least 200 to proceed.
How To Set A Minimum Total Purchase Amount?
Our website is metalgardenscreen.co.ukBefore, I was able to set minimum order value under Shopify settings but now, it looks like it has to be in the form of code.I tried using this code:but it won't give me the result I want.We want to set the minim...
We have a website for screens: metalgardenscreen.co.uk We want to have the shipping fee to be added per 3units. It goes like $24 per 1-3 units and go higher $48 per 4-6 units and go on.. but I’m not sure if it can be done under Shipping in the Settin...
I'm having a hard time removing the free delivery texts in our store which is in Motion Theme. I can't find it in the theme itself. I edited the codes and remove anything with free on it. When I check the pages, it's not there. Am I missing something...
Sorry. It is a Motion Theme
https://metalgardenscreen.co.uk/products/traditionHere it is. It is a Motion Theme but can’t see it
I need help on editing the text in the buy button area. I can't see it in the code nor in the theme, am I missing something? I just want to remove the Free Shipping there. 
Hi,We set Tax as Collecting in the UK as we'll add taxes to our products. but the supposed 'tax' added doesn't appear after clicking the Buy button.What should we do?(our store is not live yet)
Right. I found this solution on the web too and this is done already. It worked and forgot to come back here to make an update.
I have successfully added color swatches to our Motion Theme Shopify store but one color image is not working.I already added it to the asset folder, and files but it keeps appearing as the color brown on the swatch button (the brown one was my previ...
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