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I am looking to control the color, format, and potentially the text copy for the strike-through pricing showing on our site depending on factors such as collection or date. Here is the liquid code for our "compare-at-details.liquid":  {% if template ...
I had to outsource it to a company through shopify's developer/resource portal. Ended up receiving quotes varying from 30$-100$ and went with the cheapest one. Hope that helps
@KetanKumarjust wanted to check to see if you had any thoughts here, thanks!
@KetanKumarshould I just paste my whole theme.liquid code?
This is regarding the Zendesk Messaging web widget. Not the Zendesk Chat app or the classic web widget.The problem is, on mobile, when a customer has the messaging window up, there is no way to close it. The header seems to be covering an "X" to mini...
I have run or helped run a Shopify store now for over 7 years. For the most part - they have been a great place to grow, however I recently fell victim to them holding our payouts due to reasons that are still not apparent to me. This is currently on...
Very sorry to hear that. Thanks for the follow up - good luck with everything moving forward.
Hi, We are currently going through the same nightmare - since the 13th our payments have been held. I can't seem to reach anyone at Shopify that can tell me more than "decision is pending, we will let you know" - if you have any method or way to reac...
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