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We have a Django App that is embedded in Shopify which works fine in Chrome and Mozilla Except the safari Browser. In safari browser the cookies are getting blocked thats why all the POST requests ar...
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So, is password necessary for customerAccessToken? or can we implement this without password.
We have a shopify app that lets users create a mobile app for their shopify stores. Now we are trying to implement a new feature which is passwordless login using OTP. I came across this link about the customer access token that can be generated usin...
I got an error as Page Not Found when I checked your link.
I have created a metafield definition with choices ["Trivandrum","Kochi"]. I am successfully able to achieve this. But later I want to update this metafield definition. For example, add a new option "Alapuzha" to that array so I will be able to choos...
Actually I got it. It was in the META headerHTTP_X_SHOPIFY_SHOP_DOMAIN. Thank you for your response.
I am unable to get the shop name from the reponse of the location/creation webhook. class LocationCreatedReceiver(APIView): def post(self, request, *args, **kwargs): """ This API recieves response from customers/redact Webhook ...
I tried your method but when I tried the queryquery { metafieldDefinition(namespace: "my_namespace", key: "my_key") { id namespace key valueType validation { rules { ... on MetafieldValidationRulesEnumOneOf { ...
I have got an answer. For anyone looking for answer to similar requirement I am attaching the query and variables.mutation = ''' mutation CreateMetafieldDefinition($definition: MetafieldDefinitionInput!) { metafieldDefinitionCreate(definiti...
I tried to create a metafield manually in shopify admin and I have attached a screenshot of that. Can someone mention how to update the below given code so that I can achieve this requirement. My requirement is to create a location metafield that wil...
Did you get a solution? If so please add the python code.
It was because safari blocks all the cookies in iframe. That's why we were getting this issue. As django uses csrf middleware it will cause error as csrf cookie will be rejected by safari. We removed the csrfmiddleware and came up with our own middle...
Our app is getting the following rejections:1. App must verify the authenticity of the request from Shopify.2.App must set security headers to protect against clickjacking.But we checked and these are satisfied correctly.Here is an example for one of...
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