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The solution, web pixel's id can be found:On storefront website webPixelsConfigList property from web-pixels-manager-setup-esm class (div)
Hi there,I have been developing the web pixel's extension for an app ( In the phase of development I need to get that app's pixel id after activating the web pixel, how do I get it through the GraphQL or in ...
Hi there @charles52 , I solved it by adding the scopes to the project_root_folder/  scopes = "write_pixels,read_customer_events"   
Just add style="text-align: center;"to your h1 tag, for e.g. :<h1 class="main-page-title page-title" style="text-align: center;">Contact Us</h1> 
same problem+, any updates?
Solution: Shopify version 3.9.2 solved this problem.
Hello there, I wanted to create a web pixel extension for my shopify app, so I followed the instructions on the official shopify pixel extension creation guide: When I'm trying to build the app, ...
I found where the bug was, the solution was to not use GraphQLClient on frontend react side, and use it only on node side by calling a REST API, therefore executing the mutation, although I'm still getting errors on creating the web pixel extension, ...
Hello there, @Shopify/app@3.0.25@Shopify/cli@3.0.25Having this issue when running the project: extensions | Shopify CLI Extensions Server is now available at extensions | flaminjoy-galler...
I had the same issues, just delete the app using partners board, and install it back, it worked for me, just had this issues 1 day ago.
Solution: To use authenticated fetch useAuthenticatedFetch hook from nodejs boilerplate shopify.
Hello Trying to do a POST request from web/components/form and it returns 302, when using appUseQuery hook works. Tutorial source: web/components/form.jsx useCallback(() => { (a...
same problem here, I've tried to run on MacOS after installing shopify-cli but it says that shopify app has only some commands available like: connect, create, deploy, open, serve and tunneltried to run: shopify app serve, resulting into an error: yo...
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