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Hi everyone, I've got a question regarding the Shopify API. My supplier has a Shopify store from which I buy the stock. Is it possible to create an API where my store shows the stock levels based on their store? Additionally, once an order is placed ...
Hi Karla, Do you mind telling me what is your store theme? I'd like to add breadcrumbs to my store.  Thanks
Hi there, I've been trying to add breadcrumbs to my Shopify store (Dawn theme 11.0). However, I can't seem to find certain files in the theme editor, such as settings_schema.json and theme.liquid. Could anyone tell me if there is another way to do it...
I have just added a custom liquid code directly in the page through the theme customiser.  I come back if to say if that works, thanks a lot
Hi there, Thank you for your reply. Can you please tell me where to find the account page?I have attached a screenshot of my theme code settings. 
Hi everyone, I'm looking for a custom code (no apps please) that allow me to display a link into the account page, according to a specific customer tag. I basically want to show a link that is going to redirect a tagged customer to another specific p...
hey, how did you make the strikethrough line on Dawn theme?
Hi, I've just tried it but that did not work 
there you go
hey, did you find a solution for this?
hey, did you find a solution for this?
Hi Everyone, Does anybody know how to build a code to hide the sold out variants on dawn theme? I need something like this image:Thanks in advance,Gui.
Hi everyone, Could someone help me with a dawn theme request please? I want to move the theme magnifying glass with the other icons (SEE THE IMAGE BELOW), I want to keep all of them together. However, I want to keep the layout as it is. The options i...
Hi everyone! I recently updated my Dawn theme to the 8.0 version. However, as I had a custom text field at my product page and the mandatory fields are not working anymore. Now customers can send the product to the cart without adding any info. I hav...
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