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So utterly annoying! We have not been able to fix the problem in any way. Even closing the app and reopening doesn't work. When we have a sale with more than 10 items, we cross our fingers, proceed with payment and then print a receipt and review the...
None of the shopify support suggestions have worked for us. Holding out hope the next update is supposed to fix the problem, which is what we have been told.
I had a chat with Shopify Support and they suggested resetting, uninstalling and reinstalling our Shopify POS app.  Did all that and the problem persists as well as a new thing where it shows a scanned item with some weird number that is not the SKU ...
Just recently, we noticed that if we enter more than 10 items in the POS checkout cart, they will disappear but remain as part of the total of the cart. We really need to see the list of what's in the cart, especially with larger orders and the natur...
My admin log in is running almost unusably slowly. Particularly loading products page. We only have essential apps installed. The store itself loads quickly and the other users who log into my store are not as slow. 
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