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Hi Ketan  the featured collection slider only allows you to choose different products you want to showcase on a page. I’d like to upload my own photos to use to put in a slider on each individual products pages. 
Hi there  I use the Impulse theme and my shopify store is daintybykate.com I want to incorporate on my product pages a image carousel slider that would showcase images of mu customers wearing my products. Something similar to the screenshot below or ...
Hello  I use the impulse theme on my store daintybykate.com and was wondering what free apps anyone could recommend to get labels on my products? thank you 
HelloI love the shopify chat/ inbox app I have added to my store. However I find the icon pop up that is on every page a little annoying. Is there a way for me to remove the icon from my website pages and just have it as a link in my navigation menu ...
Hello I’ve recently upgraded from the dawn theme to the Impulse theme for my store. The only issue is that now all my product images must be resized down from 2048px x 2048px to 800px x 800px. I can do this in photoshop and manually trip load every i...
hello  website: daintybykate.compassword: helloI use the Impulse theme and was wondering what size my website home page hero slide needs to be to not be cut off and super zoomed in for the college of 3 photos I have made in photoshop.  I have tried t...
Hi guys  My images on my website are now not showing and instead come up as white blank spaces. This is happening to all my images non my homepage and all my product images. When i got to edit a product i can still see my product images there.   I be...
Under assets, I can't see either custom.css or theme.css so I've added that code to theme.css.liquid and theme.js as you can see in my screenshots down the bottom however neither has worked in stopping the space under each line.  
daintybykate.com password: hello 
Hello  How do I remove line spaces between lines in product descriptions, I know I need to insert some code I am just not too sure where. I am using the Impulse theme which I purchased.  I want all the lines to have no spacing as I have circled in re...
Hello  I am trying to upload a practice product CSV however I keep getting this same issue. Ive directly used shopifys example template and believe I have included all required cells. Ive even played around with adding the $ in the value sections and...
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