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Thank you so much, https://www.1kndclothing.co.uk/  visit any product page they are all the same. Thank you for your help
Hey Everyone, So my question is this, Why I write these bullet points in my product description they look fine, one sentance per line see image below.But when published its looks like this, and there is no reason for it to do so as you can see the ot...
Hi, thank you so much for getting back to me, I change the code as stated but nothing changed.
thank you so much for the reply I really appreciate it, But you have said to replace the code with the same code? regards
Hey Everyone, I want to have my website banner just shrink as the window size changes, on my website as I change the window size I lose parts of the banner and then the text and image doesnt look as good. here: https://www.1kndclothing.co.uk/ But I w...
Hi, thank you very much for the reply. The banner was in perfect quality prior to me adding code to show a different image on mobile. Thanks
Hi everyone, I followed a tutorial to edit the code and change from having duplicate banners on mob and desktop to a different banner for each, all seemed to be working fine, but now the banner image on the desktop looks really poor resolution, it wa...
Hey, thank you so much for your help before, however I have just copied this to version 10.0 and my banner cropped in half, very strange. Dont suppose if you have any idea to fix. Really appreciate the help thank you
Hello everyone, Im looking to add the option to slide through the images of products on the home screen in mobile view, I am able to do it in the product pages obviously but not on the home screen or in collections etc. see image attached, I would li...
Hello everyone, I had some formatting issues on my policy page yesterday and I got a result from the community, however, I have just noticed that only 1 product on my collection page is showing really large, taking up the space of many. it seems to b...
Oh hi, sorry I have just checked and desktop is fine however its not looking great on mobile now, any ideas. Thank you
thank you for your help, this worked also
brilliant thank you
Hello everyone, I was looking for some help, I have added my policy pages, however the formatting on them is terrible, its small paragraphs in the middle of the page, I have no idea why, its hard to explain so I have added a link so you can see what ...
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