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It worked. Thank you so much. It was really helpful.
Thank you.If you have time, can you please explain in more detail what I have to do in order to fix the problem? I have very little experience.
Hello,Does anyone have any idea how to fix the description not getting out of the space?It's really frustrating that I can't fix this issue.A little help will be much appreciated.  
Thank you
Hello,I have a question, and I really need an answer.For the bundle part, is there an app that allows you to put discounts for all the products in the same category by tag? For example, if in your store you sell jet tags, lanyards, and t-shirts. Is t...
All good now. Thank you. 
I did exactly as you told me, but my list doesn't look like your picture.
Thank you very much for your help.
Hi. I would like to change something in my sidebar menu design, but I don't know how. A little assistance would be greatly appreciated. All of the names in my store are on the vertical side (photo 3), and I'd like them to be on the horizontal side (p...
If you are available, I will give you access. Thank you.
Hello. I want to install Shopify Payments, but I don't know if it is available in my region, Romania. For the moment, I have Stripe, and I also want to add Google Payments (but I don't know how) if Shopify Payments is not an option. Thank you in adva...
Hello. I have a question regarding payments. I already have Stripe installed and I want to install google payments, but I have no idea how. My first choice was Shopify payments but apparently, I can t do it because of my geographic location. I live i...
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