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I have upgraded @shopify/polaris to latest version (10.40.0) and run few migration scripts. my code is being compiled locally But while making build from production it gives following errorAttempted import error: 'motion' is not exported from '@shopi...
Hey Patterson,add a new option named `any` for both of the dropdowns and select this option as a default.
Yes, I had the same problem, we can't test add to cart locally, but it should work after deployment.If window.Shopify.routes.root doesn't work for you try replacing it with window.origin.In my case its working.Do let me me know in case you still got ...
Make sure, your app is installed on the store for which you are testing.
Hey Qamar!you need to open your store's theme in theme editor and remove the sections which you don't like to appear on your store.
Hey Fallen,you could avoid the scroll if you just click on the eye button in front of your section name,it will hide the section but also will not scroll to the section on the pageand as in your case you don't have UI for section so this trick could ...
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