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I'm hoping someone can help me with this and it's an easy fix. My image resolution for the main collection image is much better when viewed on desktop than on mobile. You can see the difference on this page with the Halloween border image: https://my...
Have you figured out how to do this? I added the code for the subtotal below and the final total, but I'd love to have the price underneath each item. Have you figured out a fix for that? Thanks!
I'd prefer not to modify all my pictures if possible. If someone can help me with code to add to my base.css that would be great  I have already done some tweaking for other things and I think that would be the place to do it? 
Hi there- my main picture for my collection gets cut off on several pages. Is there a way to adjust the code in the template so that it is conditional and the image doesn't get distorted within that boundary? Can someone help me with this? I'm using ...
In case anyone else comes here first for a solution and is confused like me, I am attaching the whole explanation including the second part of the solution that you will need to know to make this all work. Yes, you will need to create a metafield as ...
I'm sorry to bug you- I still can't figure out how to get my pictures to adjust accordingly on the collection page. I found the setting for product pictures but not for the picture on the collection page. My picture there is still not working. Can yo...
That worked for the titles! Thank you!! I don't think the picture changed but maybe it is the way my pics are fitting into the available space. Here is another page- maybe this example will show better. I think some of my images are more of a landsca...
Thank you so much! The first fix (for the product titles) did the trick! Much appreciated! The second suggestion didn't end up changing the main picture on the collection page (it changed the product pic). Here is an example page: https://mystichairw...
Hi there- I am setting up a new store using Craft theme. I've searched through the community for fixes and tried what was suggested and nothing has helped. Can someone suggest a solution for me? I'd like to reduce the size of my product titles. (I'd ...
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