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Ah really? I had someone tell me its possible but just need a code to modify in my store. 
Hi, does anyone know what code that is used to show the discounted price for all products in my store? Im currently running a 15% sale but its only showing on the cart page. I want the customers to see the discounted price before they add it to cart....
I'm sorry, I have a limited knowledge on coding, so i'm very confused on the "change the variable a/to the for loop". I've tried looking it up online so that I can get an understanding but I still dont quite get it. If you dont mind, may you please s...
Hi, thank you! I'm still confused on how to do that. I'm not sure what code you're referring to.
Hi, I recently put everything in my shop on a 15% discount sale. However, I don't want the sale price to show in the cart only, I'm also looking for it to show for each product so the customer can automatically see the sale price. I also, do not want...
Thank you very much! It worked! For the text section, is there any code to move both the heading and text a little bit more upward? Thank you in advance  
Yes, that is the image. I am trying to keep the original image size, like the image size in mobile view  
Hi! Thank you for your help! I tried the code but unfortunately, it didn't make any changes to the image size in desktop view. Here is a screenshot of how my image looks in mobile view as comparison.  
 Hi, does anyone know what code I can use to keep my original image size in the "image with text" section for desktop view? The image seems to get cut off or resized but I would like to keep my original image ratio. Any help would be appreciated. Tha...
The code worked! Thank you very much for helping me  
Hi! I need help with setting my image image ratio in my image with text section for mobile view. I wanted to set the image size to be 3:4 since it looks cropped when viewing this section in mobile. Here’s a pic as reference. Any help would be appreci...
Worked great! Thank you so much for helping me. I appreciate it! Hope you have a lovely day over there ❤️
Thank you so, so much! Your code worked out perfectly. I just have one more request that I need help with if you can accommodate.  How do you format this text to be more up or in alignment with my other text in mobile view? 
Hi, I need help in adding a code to add a transparent or opaque box for both my featured product and collection in my collage, just like the format in the pictures below. Also, in mobile view, my main picture in my collage seems to get cropped even t...
For the main image, it shows up perfect on desktop but on mobile, it gets cropped even though I selected to keep the original image ratio. Would you happen to know how to fix that? Thanks. 
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