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It's been over a week since a customer purchased something on my website, and there's still no payout date listed for this transaction. I fulfilled the order within 24 hours of purchase and even shipped the item the next day, and it was received with...
That would be great if you could!  Site: epicquestperfumes.com Each page should have their own respective image associated with it. Thanks Marybob!
Hello!I am able to have a Social Sharing Image for my main page, which I already know how to do. I am having difficulty finding out how to have a specified image that shows with a posted link for each individual page on my Shopify store. Is this poss...
Thank you both! Something residual was causing the issue on my phone because everyone I asked to load on their phone, it worked fine. I think my saved cache was causing the issue. Not sure why, though. This definitely solved my problem. Thank you, ag...
This definitely solved my problem, but has now created a new problem. On all my other perfume pages, when you scroll down, the background turns completely white. Is there a way to only change the drop-down menu? Thanks for your help!
Hi!  I am having issues with my header drop-down menu showing a white, translucent background. The problem is, my text is white and very difficult to read when this drop-down is selected. Is there a way I can make it black or at least darker, so that...
Thank you for the info, Trapa! I decided to just leave it the way it is and allow the buyer to buy more than one discovery box per transaction with the exception that it doesn't have the exact same variants. Thank you, again!
I just installed the Order Limits (Min-Max) app, and it has been great for limiting my store purchase quantities. However, I've run into a loophole with my discovery box sample set that has multiple options to choose from as one purchase item. You ar...
God bless you, @Daniel-HHP!!!
Absolutely! I really appreciate your assistance and time!
Thanks @Daniel-HHP! I changed the corrupted characters, and it is still showing up the same. See attached image.
Thanks! https://epicquestperfumes.com/Password: bcrowfoot
Ever since I created a custom background with the parallax effect, the mobile version of my store is displaying the header icons way too large. I cannot seem to find a fix for this annoying problem. My desktop version looks great, but this has only a...
Just curious... even if it's not radio buttons and instead a drop-down option for each selection, is this even possible?
Ok, I figured it was going to be some type of modification that would need to have a specific code. Thanks for the quick reply!
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