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i tried doing this, the quality did not improve. the size of the picture increased in height and i dont want that, im fine with it height and width, just want better quality. i am uploading high quality picture but when uploaded the quality drops. please check, i have uploaded high def designs for desktop and mobile and the quality just worsens when uploaded on shopify banners. please help
i added your code and everything got very enlarged on my website and i removed your code and everything is still very enlarged. please check and help me !!!!!!!!!
i want the desktop content to show where i have placed the learn more button, i want it round and color same as EFA99F and same font . please help me with the code. similar placement on both desktop and mobile - center and below website url: www.thou...
how need help with the code
I want this featured product section to say “View Product” instead of “Add to Cart” and when clicked it opens the product page instead of adding it into cart 
ok how can i make touch event work on collection like its working on home pageplease see the video before giving a solution so we understand what the issue is
please watch the video. its working on home page but not on collection pages
@KetanKumar @LitCommerce 
I did add the missing curly bracket but its still not working
 I added the bracket here but still no luck. its not working as intended. please help me
Hello, i wanted the second picture to show when hovered on mobileI added this code in component-card.css and base.cssI used this code which helped a little but its a little buggy This helped a little but there was still an issue which you can see in ...
 Add what code? its already there. please help me
hello litcommerce, i tried on other devices as well.hover effect is working on home screen(featured collection) and "You may also like section"BUTits not working on the collection pages!refer to the video
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