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Hi! Did you get a solution to this? I, too am looking to enable downloaded assets... ? 
HI Mac,How about if you wanted to enable press to download images, videos, logos etc.? Is there a way to create a 'download assets' button or something? not paid, free.a 
Hi... ok: so now the button doesn't do anything once hovered over and I have 3 differently behaving buttons on the site. boo. what can i do to make all the buttons the same: color = #72547C, text = #fafafa, no outline.... then when hovered over a thi...
YES!!! Thank-you.  ✋
HI!Figured out how to change the color of my button BUT cannot seem to remove the white border. Can anyone help?Below is the code used to change the color and it is in my base.css:.banner__buttons>.button{background: #72547c! important;color: #fafafa...
Oh, dear, no: not fatal.  the video will autoplay and loop with your script in the admin previews AND when the page is accessed from outside of Shopify, but as soon as i try the script with sound that section appears black and nothing plays outside o...
hm...nope: goes back to a black box on outside-shopify devices.  what the heck! can i ask a huge favour and ask you to modify the code so that the video is smaller and centered on the page for mobile and desktop?  
Thanks!!! but what if i want sound? 
Oh, man; thanks, but I am NOT a coder at ALL!   What looked like it was working was: I found this code and added it in the Custom Liquid html field in an added Section of my Password page.  It does not seem to work.  Scratch that; sometimes it works,...
Help!  I would like to publish my password page, but the standard youtube video looks terrible with its youtube branding etc... can i embed a video instead that just plays and holds on its start image?  How?(  
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