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Hello @LIVLIFE_tm  Can you please share your theme URL, so we can tell that why this is not working?
Hello @Cava  All of these are advanced and really should be broken down individually and not glommed together in your research that just over complicates the time it takes for questions and answers.
Hello @Tristan123  You need to subscribe to the Shopify plan first and then publish your store into the domain you purchased, and then you can easily access your live store.
Hello @Kitblaketrouser  <img style= "position:relative; left: 50%; transform:translateX(-50%);" You can use it like this or share the class name to help you further.
Welcome @LIVLIFE_tm  If it works, kindly accept the solution. Thank you.
Hello @Kitblaketrouser  Here is the code for you. .article__grid-image-container,figure.image {position:relative;left: 50%;transform:translateX(-50%);} Also, I am including the image of how it will look once implemented.
Hello @LIVLIFE_tm  Here is the link for the HTML and CSS code for scrolling text:- You can try to implement it and let me know if you need any further help.
Hello @maxencepos  You can create a new page or a separate website with no taxes added.
Hello @fashionshop1  In order to solve this you need to create a separate section and in that section, you need to create a product grid. You can follow this tutorial to help you create the section and product grid :-
If this does not help you. Do let me know, I will help you in this.
Hello @Helve13  Can you please provide the platform you are using along with the screenshot of the error you are facing? I think that the problem might be something else.
Hello @SimonButterwort  Can you please share the password?
Hello @IlluminareSkin  This video might help you solve your problem:-
Hello @shop_dev1  Can you please share the store URL.
Hello @Spazzonestopsho  This might help you solve your problem:- Also, after you add a domain to Shopify, you manage your domain settings for your online store on the Domains page in your Shopify admin...
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