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Bio: Background in economics and project management, now working in business process improvement and ecommerce.

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I can't properly set up the Facebook & Instagram (Meta) sales channel on Shopify. The problem seems to be with Meta, since Shopify have not been able to assist. When I try to se...
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Hi, Appreciate the feedback but in our case, we don't use csv/excel files to upload product: Our Shopify is integrated with the third party retail point of same system. So, we upload stock onto Shopify from the retail point of sale system.
We're part of a business that has both a brick-and-mortar retail division, which uses a retail point of sales system called Posworx, and an ecommerce store, which uses Shopify. When we receipt inventory, the "push" action in the process comes from th...
Thank you. If we don't come right with the third party applications, we'll let you know with regards to a bespoke solution. 
Thanks. I'll have a look at the third party solutions. 
Is there a report on Shopify that deals with Association Rule Mining (a.k.a. Market Basket Analysis), and if not, has anyone been able to simply conduct such an analysis with sales data exported off the Shopify dashboard? For example, the business go...
It was sorted when we switched over to GA4, and did quality checks on the integration exercise to ensure no duplication was occurring. 
You're welcome. We learn as we go.
Hi, No, we have not been able to solve this. But because GA4 is soon to replace UA, we are not wasting any more time on this glitch.
Hi, No, we have not been able to solve this. Although, with us having to soon switch to Google Analytics 4, this issue may become redundant.
This was once also suggested as a possible solution: https://apps.shopify.com/special-offers?surface_detail=ultimate+special+offers+supple+apps&surface_inter_position=1&surface_intra_position=4&surface_type=search
When I draw the order data from Shopify for a given period, and then draw the corresponding data from Google Analytics (Conversions, Ecommerce, Sales Performance), there are instances where Google Analytics is reflecting double the total value, or mo...
This is what I’ve subsequently been able to discover relating to the above query: Show prices in currencies other than your store’s main currency: In South Africa we do not have access to Shopify Payments or Shopify Markets. Therefore, we’d either ne...
There's a lot of information and guidelines for getting your Shopify shop ready to trade internationally if you're based in the main, first-world economies, but not much if you're outside of these regions. I'm trying to set-up a Shopify store based i...
Similar concern here: There doesn't seem to be any support or assistance yet for Shopify store owners who want to preemptively have GA4 running in parallel with Google UA.
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