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Hello @jlemrond, you can change the Node.js version from your GitHub Action build file at ".github/workflows/oxygen-deployment-xxxxx.yml".For example: https://github.com/Weaverse/pilot.weaverse.dev/blob/72a7454833f3ad4ae80050fa78bedad786e23207/.githu...
Hey @kiran121, you can update the createContentSecurityPolicy function in entry.server.tsx file to include "fonts.googleapis.com". However, this function does not merge the directives by default. You have to define all other styleSrc directives like ...
Yes, it's possible to use Shopify Hydrogen without Oxygen by modifying it to work with a standard Remix server. This involves updating the server adapter. You can find an example for Node.js & Express here, although it may be outdated. For comprehens...
Hi @ozitrance ,You're facing these issues because Shopify Oxygen, which powers Hydrogen, relies on Cloudflare Workers. Cloudflare Workers only support a limited set of JavaScript runtime APIs (https://developers.cloudflare.com/workers/runtime-apis/),...
Hi @Dezolutions,I'm Paul from Weaverse. We specialize in Theme Customization for Shopify Hydrogen, providing a streamlined solution for your headless storefront. Our tool simplifies the process, making it easy to integrate and customize themes direct...
Hello @kiran121 ,The problem is that Oxygen is using Cloudflare Worker under the hood, and it is not a Node.js environment; it already has a built-in "crypto" module, and the remix-validated-form importing this package will cause the error.In this ca...
Hello @NVT_DEV ,It is possible to manually retrieve the Storefront API token by creating a Custom App and using it for the headless store. However, deploying to Shopify Oxygen is not possible, and you will need to use other alternative deployment pla...
Hi there, if you are using Hydrogen, I think you should take a look at this doc instead: https://shopify.dev/docs/api/hydrogen/2023-10/hooks/useshopifycookies
Hey there! In the usual Shopify way with Theme App Extensions and App Proxies, we mostly use client-side JavaScript. It grabs the data and displays it in the browser.But, if you're curious about getting data on the server side (it has some neat benef...
In your case, it seem like it needs to update like the following:- Find this code line in "section-footer.css" in your theme and remove the "text-align: right"add "flex-direction: column;" to the CSS selector: ".footer__content-bottom-wrapper"
Hi @jsimk  You can try following these steps to center the copyright logo and text on the desktop page:Locate the footer.liquid file in the theme section of your Shopify admin.Find the <div class="footer__column footer__column--info"> element in the ...
 You can add the following CSS code to the theme's section-image-banner.css file to make the image banner button background transparent and adjust its text color: .banner__buttons .button { background: transparent; color: red; }Replace red with y...
 Hi there,To address the issue you're experiencing with the product images on your website, you can add the following CSS to your theme:  .product-single__media-group { max-height: 623px; overflow: hidden; }Here's how to add the CSS:In your S...
Hi @spacetimerider , You can try to add the code to a different file, for example, the "global.js" file.
 You can change your mega menu background on mobile by adding the following CSS code to your theme's stylesheet (usually theme.scss.liquid or theme.css in the Assets folder):  .menu-drawer { background: #8d7b68; }This will set the background colo...
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