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I have my store set to euros but when it translates the price shows like this   when it should be €59.  I have tried 
I would like the discount of 20% to show in the cart so the customer cansee the total saved on the cart.Surely this should be as standard, kind of unbelievable if it's not
I have a sale on my store but the discounts dont show in the cart, it only shows the sale price and now how much has been saved and the original price. Please help  
nope, i cant use it on Chrome, now just have to use shopify on microsoftedge.
Yes have tired this, it does it in both chrome and edge 
Yup, have tried this still doesn't work
 I keep getting this come up when im on my dash, ive tried everything but it keeps happening. has anyone else encountered this?Shopify support havnt been able to help at all really.  
Shopify keeps bringing me up with this, it doesn't accept my details and can't get rid of it, and then it just logs me out. I then log back in and can sometimes use it for an hour then the same happens, sometimes right away. It's making it impossible...
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