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Also I'm getting an issue on mobile where the bottom of the image has 2x the border thickness, but the top and sides have no border. Let me know if you have a solution. Thank you
Thanks, is there a way to make the border a square so that it fits the product picture?
Oh I see it, is there a way to make that border fit the square product picture?
Apologies for the miscommunication, I meant I do in fact want the border. I'd like to see it on that image as it appears on my home page: https://empiricalwater.com/
Please see this shop page - https://empiricalwater.com/pages/shopOn that page, my product has a thin border around it. I'd like to replicate that border on the same image on my homepage: https://empiricalwater.comHow can I do this? Thanks!
https://empiricalwater.com/Please scroll down to "How we feel about specialty coffee", notice how the line of text is partially off of the picture. Also, it looks like the pictures in the slideshow have become different dimensions, again only on desk...
Not sure what I changed this time, but I messed up and my banner looks like this:https://empiricalwater.com/Notice those gray areas on the sides of the banner - Those should be the color FDFCFB.I also need to scale up that banner a bit. Thanks!
Thank you, can you make this work on mobile as well?
https://empiricalwater.com/ This is what it looks like on desktop. I'd like to add a bit of space between the two articles at top and the two at bottom. Thanks!
https://empiricalwater.com/ Notice the buttons in the image banner: Buy Now and Learn Stuff - They are currently side by side. How can it be adjusted so that Buy Now is centered, and Learn stuff is right below it? Thank you
https://empiricalwater.com/ On mobile, it shows up like this:How do I stop the banner image from showing below the line "Designed and produced..."? Thank you!
https://empiricalwater.com/ Please scroll down to the headline, Get to know Empirical Water. I need that line of text centered. Please help. Thank you
https://empiricalwater.com/ Please scroll down to the multicolumn below "Get acquainted with Empirical Water". I need to increase the font sizes for those headlines. How to do this? Thank you!
https://empiricalwater.com/ What's going on here? I'm not seeing my banner image show up on mobile at all, it's just light gray. Thanks!
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