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Hey! On iPhone it also appears to work fine, issue is with macbook, he is neither on low power mode or low on battery 路‍♀️ Best wishes,Gabija
Hey! I'm having issue with my homepage autoplay video, it autoplays fine in chrome browser, but it doesn't play in safari.  This is the code I'm currently using in custom liquid section.  <style> video { display: block; margin: 0 auto; width: 1...
Actually it only works on chrome browser but not on safari...
Weird thing, I came back to this project after few days brake and out of nowhere it started working with no additional codes:DDD I guess nothing was wrong, somehow it just needed time to start working 
Do you mean in custom CSS block below? 
 I guess I'am doing something wrong, but it just creates another video below this one 
Unfortunately that didn't work either  
Hey,  I'am trying to put autoplay video on my homepage, and it just doesn't seem to work. I use this code in custom liquid section<style> video { display: block;margin: 0 auto;width: 100%;height: 50%; } </style>  <video autoplay loop playsinline mute...
@Farouk-dev Thank you for your help, but unfortunetly, I didn't manage to make this work 
@KetanKumar  link: HOPEUROK2022Pleases don't mind the mess, page is still under construction:)
That would be perfect 
Hello! I was able to move the main menu from the center of the header to the left sidebar position, but is it possible to display sidebar only in home page ? Because in other pages sidebar covers important content. Thank you in advance  BTW my theme...
Hello! I wonder maybe there is some way  to  move main menu to the left sidebar only in home page?  That would really help, because in other pages it covers important content. Thank you in advance 
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