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Hi there, I am having the same issue and tried your suggestion but it didn't work. Wondering you have any updates on this? Thanks 
Sure, where do I find that?
Hi, thanks! I haven't created a second contact form yet because I don't know how to and am not looking to change the existing one that is on the Contact Us page. I'd like a new one that I can use on this Become a Dealer page only. Does this make sens...
Hi there, I am looking to add a second contact form to the Dawn theme. We are currently using the default Contact Us form for our Contact Us page, but would like a second, customizable form to be used on our Become a Dealer page for dealers to be abl...
Hi, I am trying to follow this solution and I found the'main-cart-footer' section, but I don't understand - where do I paste the code into the 'main-cart-footer' section?  Thanks,~ Leigh
Thank you! Still waiting about making it bottom justified like it wasbefore?
That worked for the spacing, thank you! However, it still all needs to be bottom justified. Can you help me to make the main menu and logo all bottom justified with each other like it originally was in this pic:  thank you!
Hi,I am still having an issue with this - the main menu should be bottomjustified with the logo and can the space be increased a little so the menuspreads farther across the page? I tried responding to you on the threadbut not sure if you saw it.Than...
Hi! Following up on this from yesterday. The client is still requesting that the logo and main menu be bottom justified like it was previously. Also, how can I add a little more spacing in between menu items so they reach farther across the page like...
Thanks, I removed both lines of code you suggested. What I meant was, tho, is that the menu items should stretch across the page. I originally just wanted them slightly closer together so they fit on one line, but the client would like the phone numb...
The problem now is that the menu doesn't reach across the page like it used to. I removed the code you suggested above about align-items: center and it didn't make a difference. How do I make it reach across the page like originally: 
We're getting closer. There is now a border (can it be thinner?) around the products and text, however it is also adding a black border around the images:  It did not work correctly for the collections on the home page - it added a border around the ...
I was able to move it down a little by editing the margin:bottom to 0. If the client is OK with this I will leave it. Thank you again!
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