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For some reason all of our custom apps are all of a sudden providing a 500 Error when coming from Shopify. When we hit the apps direct URL endpoint it provides the correct 401 Unauthorized Error (because the request is not from Shopify).  This shows ...
Yes, I can trigger it when using a Gift Card, however, it does not trigger when using Gift Card to pay the WHOLE order.  Were you able to trigger it when using this scenario?
Our Orders/Paid webhook subscription works for everything except when one uses a Gift Card and pays for it in full.  It even fires when one uses a Gift Card, still has a balance and pays with Credit Card or PayPal. Not sure why it wouldn't fire when ...
I need to "clear" values on specific MetaFields with Type "single_line_text_field" but only on specific products using the GraphQL API.As I understand it we cannot send a blank value when running the `mutation metafieldsSet`, as I initially tried thi...
@Bhaskar_Sonowal There is no `login.liquid` or anything close to that.  This is not a theme thing. The url when one clicks "account" goes to "/account" and then redirects to this:`
Is there a way to redirect users when they log in to the previous page they were on before they landed on the log in page? We are using the New customer accounts:  
As stated, the `customer.b2b?` object no longer returns a boolean. We are using the new customers. I believe this to be a bug that we just noticed yesterday 4/11/2023. Example code:b2...
@seo-blog-writer Thanks for the reply, unfortunately there is no such "Conditions" when creating a new profile:  Perhaps "Conditions" is in a different place?  I do not see it anywhere. There are Shipping Rate conditions but those are only weight-bas...
Is there a way to only have certain Customers or Companies utilize a specific Shipping Profile?I may have to build out an app utilizing the new `delivery-customizations` but not sure I want to open that can of worms yet.
I am trying to add a simple "Notes" section to my Checkout sections / pages.I have successfully added it to the 3x sections in the drop-down utilizing the new `checkout-ui-extension` for apps:- Information page- Shipping page- Payment page  However, ...
For some reason I cannot parse this simple query to only gather the json data returned. I believe it used to work but something may of changed.  I am using 2023-01 GraphQL. I am calling the `productVariants` query. I am using PHP, here is the respons...
Is there a way you can utilize MultiPass ? Basically it re-directs users to a Shopify login page.  Once logged in, you could use that `Customers` information via Shopify APIs to store in your DB on AWS along with any photos they need uploaded. Perhap...
I am load testing updating available quantities per location using the new InventorySetOnHandQuantities  for the 2023-01 API Release. Keep getting this response every so often because of the large data loads:   {"errors":[{"message":"Timeout","extens...
I have found that the `read_users` scope is available considering the following:The User resource is available for private apps and custom apps installed on Shopify Plus stores. You need to contact Shopify Plus Support to request the read_users acces...
I am trying to access and query the `staffMember` object through the Shopify GraphiQL App but it keeps saying it doesn't know it: Field 'staffMember' doesn't exist on type 'QueryRoot'  query ActivityFeed($first: Int!) { staffMember { id pri...
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