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The cost of an item is £19.99 / $26 / €24, and our local tax rate is 20%. When the currency is changed to $ the price is reduced to $22 or €19.95. It is not until the very last checkout page when Shopify says "oh, you're in the UK" and puts the price...
Does anyone know if the fraud_details object is ever filled in? We are trying to intercept fraud order before the reach dispatch. We can use the cancel reason, which come in as "fraud", but even when this is the reason the fraud_details remains empty...
I was wrong, what the customer sees is correct, the above only applies to an admin attempting to edit the tracking info.
Hi @colleenc it worked, well kind of! Don't know if it's the same for you. If you set company to "foo" and url to "https://foo.bar", in the tracking info, then the customer's order  details has the Carrier set to Other, not very useful, but the URL i...
Thanks for everyone's help. This only kind of worked. If you use company foo and url https://foo.bar, in the customer's order  details the Carrier is set to Other, not very useful. If you use company "DPD", i.e. one that's in Shopify's drop down the ...
Hi @colleenc, many thanks again, I now have a response, but only an error as the orders have already been dispatched; testing this against a live store is just so much fun! Would you have an example of a valid response example you could post?
Maybe the same issue here. We are receiving orders but only one or two, when we may have taken 50 - 100 orders over the day. We are using the created_at_min and _max parameters. Or is this another issue?
Many thanks @colleenc. This has now risen to the top of my tickets so I'll be using your data soon.
Sorry to be a little slow with this. You say "api.id, api.shop_id, api.order_id, etc., which you need for the next step", but only the api.id is used in your payload, is this correct? Do you know if you can miss the "line_items" field out? The "track...
@JianXiongWumany thanks for posting this. I also saw this, but can't reproduce it now as we are forced to develop on our live stores and thing move on swiftly. It worries me that the API can return this result and it's not clearly understood why.
@colleencthat's fantastic work. I'll use this approach and hope it works for me. However, it shouldn't be down to us, the community and end users, to crack this. Surely we should expect better from Shopify's documentation, after all it is their API!
No, I've not got that far yet, but l also need the tracking_info. The whole reason I stumbled across the v2 API and eventually to this thread was that the current GraphQL fulfillmentCreate is pretty random as to what tracking company actually gets st...
@Robert_Toltonno, I can't reproduce it any more either, maybe I landed on an order which had been cancelled or rejected, the trouble with trying to debug and develop against a live system. I should have tested with more than one order ID.
and all this will need to be done on a live shop!!
Hi @Robert_Tolton Many thanks for your reply. I can see that the object is created automatically, but until the order has been fulfilled it is empty. Currently for us this is a paradox, in order to see the fulfilment IDs we need first to fulfil the o...
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