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When you are installing the app on the store, that time, in the app installation url, the scopes you request access for should contain "write_pixels,read_customer_events,read_products" scopes
@1080 i am not able to c the notice any longer
@1080 I found out the solution. Use the below request ->query ->mutation MetafieldsSet($metafields: [MetafieldsSetInput!]!) {metafieldsSet(metafields: $metafields) {metafields {keynamespacevalue}userErrors {fieldmessagecode}}}variables ->{"metafields...
We subscribe to some of the Shopify webhooks to serve our use cases. We do this by traversing the webhook payload received from Shopify's end and extract the data for certain keys from it. Recently Shopify made some changes to the payload of the Chec...
Were you able to find a fix for this issue ?
Shopify App Store requirements state that a merchant should only be able to install a publicly listed app through the Shopify App Store and not from anywhere else. I have a use case wherein I enable some functionality, post app installation, of my ap...
Hey @Alan , is there a way I can fetch the list of shops which have installed my app or can i check if a given shop has installed my app or not ?Any help out here will be highly appreciated
We automatically subscribe to Checkout/create, Checkout/update and Checkout/delete web hook topics through web-hook subscription api provided by Shopify. We aren't able to subscribe to these web-hooks without having checkout_read access scope and sin...
Can someone please help here. We are also facing same issue. @Saptarshi were you able to figure out what do we actually need to do ?
You can use the below mentioned code to verify hmac value//message is request bodyString secret = "SECRET_KEY"; //This will be app secret keyMac sha256_HMAC = Mac.getInstance("HmacSHA256");SecretKeySpec secret_key = new SecretKeySpec(secret.getBytes(...
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