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Having the Collections section at the backend unable to sort by the number of products makes no sense. It would be extremely useful, and very easy to implement to be able to sort by the number of products. It's a header already, you're able to sort b...
@Shopify we really need this vital functionality. You don't allow access to edit the cart so it's a disservice that you don't supply a solution to this. We sell rugs, and the larger and heavier ones can be up to £50 more to send than 'mainland' UK. I...
Thanks, 99.98% from my domain, with the 0.02% from my test.domain.No noticeable slumps around the same time. Biggest change was cpc down but product_sync going up.
Same issue here. x7 normal direct traffic since October 2022 and mostly zero second 100% bounce type traffic. No idea where it's coming from or how to stop it. It's completely messing up my analytics and reporting. 
Since mid-October (15th October 2022 to be exact), I've had a massive spike in direct traffic (as in 700% more than it was previously). I had originally noticed it on Google Analytics and thought maybe my tracking code was broken or duplicated somewh...
The (fairly) recent change to the search function in the Orders and Products section is horrible. Particularly with orders when you have views set up - it's 100% not clear that you've got an active keyword search running (which doesn't clear when you...
Another vote for future updates. I doubt it's a big change. It is only really important for manual orders. When sales are made off Shopify but you want to keep things together it's vital.  In our case we enter manual (in-store) sales, cash etc. throu...
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